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Agarica 41: Special issue on the Pezizomycetes of Grimsdalen, Dovre, Norway

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We have the pleasure of presenting this special issue of AGARICA about the Pezizomycetes in Grimsdalen, Norway. This volume is adjusted to the material that we in the editorial board and the author would like to communicate, and has thus not formally been blind peer reviewed, but reviewed by an experienced colleague.

The author, Professor emeritus Trond Schumacher, has had a long career as a mycologist at the University of Oslo. In his work, he has been particularly affectionate towards Ascomycetes; he did his doctoral degree in systematics in the genus Scutellinia and the last years the genus Helvella has been in focus. In this volume, Trond presents his findings from collections made in Grimsdalen from 1979-1985, where most of his fieldwork has taken place, supplied with more recent collections. It is important for us, as editors, to highlight the importance of such works. Much of our knowledge about Norwegian alpine fungi is based on a few individuals’ lifelong relationships to their fungal groups and special alpine areas, such as Grimsdalen, and we believe that it is essential that this knowledge is not lost, but made available through publication.